The small footprint, light weight and ease of integration of our sensors make them ideal for meteorological applications in the defence and aerospace sectors, such as on board unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) and at unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) ground launch and recovery stations. The sensors achieve high accuracy within the measured air speed range of 0-75m/s, and have been used as a pitot tube replacement on fixed-wing UAVs. With full 360° air speed direction measurement, they are ideal for station-keeping and hovering on quad-rotor UAVs, as well as dynamic positioning control in gusty and turbulent environments.

FEBRUARY 2018: We are currently developing a new, even lighter weight wind sensor (approx. 100g) specifically for drones. We will be releasing this soon. If you would like more details about this product or would be interested in working with us on a research or trial basis, then please contact us.

Surface Mount wind sensor for drones and UAVs

The FT742-SM (Surface Mount) features a built-in compass and is designed to be integrated on moving vehicles. Small, low power, extremely rugged, and weighing only 252g, the FT742-SM is extensively tested and certified for vibration and shock resistance and RF immunity.

Ultrasonic wind sensor for drones, UAVs, UAG, UAS, robotics

A wind/air sensor on a drone is fitted for three main reasons:

1. As a meteorological sensor, to record wind speed and direction.

2. As an extremely responsive component in a dynamic positioning system, used to protect the UAV in unpredictably gusty and turbulent environments, such as urban areas, or around bridges, transmission line towers, wind turbines and other large structures.

3. As a replacement or as a complement to a pitot-based system on fixed wing or multi-rotor UAVs, in order to provide highly accurate air speed and direction information from zero to <40 knots, where pitot tube systems tend to have issues.

Our sensors report highly accurate air speed measurement from 0-145 knots with full 360° coverage, enabling station-keeping, hovering and auto-landing for helicopter and multi-rotor UAVs. With a much stronger signal to noise ratio (S/N) than other ultrasonic technologies, our Acu-Res® Technology demonstrates unsurpassed levels of data availability.

Direct Mount wind sensor for drones and UAV launch and recovery sites, and docking stations


The FT742-DM (Direct Mount) has been designed to mount on a standard 33.7mm pipe. With a 12-30VDC power supply range, the DM is ideal for permanent, portable or rapidly-deployable weather stations and ground stations used to monitor wind speed and direction conditions for UAV take-off and landing.

Features & Specifications

Wind speed measurement 0-75m/s (0-270km/h, 0-145 knots)
Wind speed resolution 0.1m/s (0.36km/h, 0.19 knots)
Wind speed accuracy ±0.3m/s (0-16m/s), ±2% (16-40m/s), ±4% (40-75m/s)
Wind direction range 0 to 360°
Wind direction resolution
Wind direction accuracy 4° RMS
Compass accuracy (SM): 5° RMS
Data update rate 10Hz
Height 71mm (SM), 162mm (DM)
Weight 252g (SM), 380g (DM)
Temperature range -40° to +85°C (operating and storage)
Heater temperature range 0° to 55°C
Supply voltage 20-30VDC, or down to 6V (SM) or 12V (DM) battery operation with reduced heater capacity
Current draw (SM): 25mA at 24VDC (29mA with compass enabled) without heater, up to 2A with heater
(DM): 31mA at 24VDC without heater, up to 6A with heater
Heater power (SM): 48W max at 24VDC (60W at 30VDC)
(DM): 99W max

We are ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certified, and all of our sensors undergo a rigorous battery of vibration and shock, waterproofing and sealing, temperature and EMC tests to ensure reliable service, even in the harshest of environments. See full product certification

With a lightweight, anodized aluminum construction that is corrosion-resistant and sealed to IP66/67 standard, and incorporating a powerful thermostatically-controlled de-icing system, the FT742 is a rugged maintenance-free sensor that operates to the highest standards even under the most extreme of conditions.